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Fast forward a few months and we've been enjoying having our very own! No problem on that. The look is attractive, and does an awesome job The oven bakes just on point, the temperature of the oven is perfect Overall its a great product. It maintains good temperature and my food stays fresh for longer.

Cheap ovens, cheap appliances, cheap Crock-Pots: Best Buy has a sale on, everyone!

I get perfect heat A pleasure to cook with this item. Totally loving it. This is one of the few appliances that exceed my expectations in the past few years. Share your decorating tips, find renovation inspiration and earn rewards by connecting with us! Design, performance, and usability are all top-notch. Buy now and you won't regret it. Black Friday will be on Friday November 29, Every year, Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Because the date of Thanksgiving changes every year it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November , so does the date of Black Friday.

Cyber Monday will take place on Monday December 2, Cyber Monday falls on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. Amazon Black Friday deals: shop early offers Amazon hosts one of the biggest Black Friday sales in the world.

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Expect to see Black Friday deals on electronics like Apple watches, the Amazon Echo, Fitbits, Galaxy tablets, and more, as well as on mattresses, home, garden, sport and other areas. We recommend scoping out Amazon's own products for big Black Friday deals — and Prime members should also lookout for membership perks. Walmart Black Friday deals: browse today's best offers Walmart has massive rollbacks on thousands of items every year, both in-store and online, with shoppers hoping to score some sweet Walmart Black Friday deals on TVs, toys, and more.

Walmart does its best business during the holiday season, and Black Friday is just the beginning.


Best Buy Black Friday Deals: see today's top discounts We would be remiss if we didn't mention one of the biggest electronics retailers, Best Buy. It isn't running its Black Friday sale yet — but you can browse through today's best offers if you're looking for a bargain now.

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Lenovo Black Friday Deals: see today's top offers While Best Buy and other massive retailers will be selling most, if not all their wares with awesome discounts, we strongly encourage those who want to plan ahead to look into individual electronics brands like Lenovo. Often, these brands will offer slightly better savings even if it's just pennies on items purchased through their site rater than through other sites.

Home Depot Black Friday Deals: see today's best deals For those who caught the home improvement bug, we anticipate Home Depot having a massive sale on just about anything in-store, especially home improvement tools like lawn mowers and power tools. Anticipate what you'll need in the spring, and start buying early - deals don't get much better than this!

Target Black Friday Deals: see today's top discounts If you're closer to a Target store than a Walmart store, don't fret! Target is virtually guaranteed to have comparable deals for Black Friday. Look out for deals on video games, toys, clothes, and much, much more - even home furnishings from their very own lines are likely to be on sale! Macy's Black Friday Deals: check out today's best offers What would Thanksgiving be without Macy's, and so what would Black Friday be without the iconic department store?

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Macy's has stores almost all over the country, and is considered a one-stop-shop to buy clothes for the whole family. There are tons of savings to be had across the board, but the best Black Friday deals can usually be found in a few different categories.


Black Friday is a great time to get the latest gadgets on the market. Just like with many other electronics, the price of a new model is at its highest when the manufacturer first releases a new product. You can get a heck of a better bargain if you wait a while and make your purchase after the price has a chance to go down. Think about someone who purchased a PlayStation 4 immediately after it released. They probably paid much more for their PS4 than someone who just purchased their console last week.

Some retailers and appliances salespeople have monthly quotas. If the store wants you to buy an appliances more than you need to buy an appliance, this puts you in a good position. You have the upper hand.

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September, October, November, and December are the months when appliance makers release new models or when holiday shopping deals tend to start rolling in. This means that stores are often more willing to give deals on previous models. Refrigerators are a bit different, though. May is also Maytag month when retailers offer rebates and savings on Maytag appliances.