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Pick out a dog bed for Otis, or select a beautiful necklace for your big night out. Perhaps you need premium auto supplies, or maybe you just want to grab some groceries. Kmart has it all at affordable prices.

When you use Giving Assistant to shop with Kmart, you save money and make the world a better place. Kmart offers FREE shipping for items weighing less than pounds.

You can also apply many Kmart promo codes to attain free shipping. Kmart offers refunds for returns on select items. An original receipt or email confirmation is required for all returns, and items must be in the original packaging. Sharing is caring.

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Selections include a wide range of items, from clothing to home products. You can browse clearance items by categories or view the top-selling clearance items to see what other customers are buying. Kmart's clearance selection includes products like refrigerators, vacuums and household appliances that can be conveniently delivered directly to your home.

The company also offers a layaway plan that makes products, whether chosen from the clearance section or not, even more affordable. Sebastian Spering Kresge, a one-time traveling salesman, founded what would become Kmart after he became owner of a five and dime store in Memphis, Tennessee, and another store in Detroit.

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These stores became S. Kresge stores. Like Walmart and Target, Kmart is a store that sells a variety of consumer goods, including household items, clothing, jewelry, tools, toys, games, electronics, toys and some food items. Many of the company's retail locations also include a snack area where customers may purchase beverages, hot dogs and similar items. Today, Kmart has reinvented itself with a series of popular ads, an updated website and interactive mobile features designed to make the shopping experience even more convenient.

Affordability remains a big part of Kmart's company identity. The company achieves this goal with a layaway plan that's available in its retail stores and online. Kmart tends to offer discounts on seasonal items just as the season is ending. For instance, summer items like grills and swimming pools are typically discounted in August while the focus shifts to back to school offerings. The company is also big on pre-holiday savings, often discounting items store-wide towards the end of November.

The retailer offers additional savings opportunities with its Shop Your Way points program. You get one percent back on points for every dollar you spend at Kmart or online at Kmart. With this offer, you receive cash in the form of points when you buy a particular item, shop a particular category or spend a certain amount of money. Another great bonus that comes along with SYW rewards is the chance to earn even more points with sweepstakes.


As you move through each level, you unlock more bonuses, benefits, savings and earnings opportunities. If you do move up a level, it takes around eight business days to see your new status on your online account. We outlined above that you have to make a certain number of purchases to qualify for each membership tier. You can also move up tiers solely based on the amount you spend, rather than the number of purchases that you make. Above, you had to spend a certain amount of money, over a certain number of purchases to qualify.

But, if you meet the spending criteria below you can still achieve VIP status. As you can see, when there are no requirements on the number of purchases made, the amount you have to spend is higher. When you first become a VIP or reach a new level, you main that status until December 31 of the following year. Then, at the start of every following calendar year, your total shopping balance is reset to zero.

And, you also get free standard shipping on qualifying Marketplace items. The MAX program gives you the chance to earn more points, which is definitely one of its biggest benefits. If you want an annual membership, then you need to join the program before your trial period ends.

Of course, though, there are a few things that you can do with SYW rewards to ensure that you get as many points as you can, as quickly as you can. If you want to earn more points or accumulate them faster, then you might want to check out the Sears Choice MasterCard. Visit this page to learn more and to sign up for the Sears Choice MasterCard. If you love shopping at Sears or often find yourself buying stuff at your local Kmart, then this program is definitely worth your time.

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And you essentially get to earn a percentage of what you spend at those stores back — albeit in the form of store credit. But, while the SYW program does give you a huge selection of brands to earn points with, you are still restricted when it comes to places to redeem those points. So again, this program is definitely best suited to those who like to shop with those particular brands.

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