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About 4 coupons and deals have been used in the last week. The Top 10 Grocery Coupon Websites. Discounts and deals on large selection of organic and natural products. Seniors can get discounts on any number of products and services through various means. For instance, there are organizations for seniors to get them discounts on many services, but there are also any number of establishments that have their own senior discounts that do not require membership or any other special requirements.

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Many establishments, particularly restaurants, have a base discount of 10 percent, although there are a few that may offer 15 to 20 percent discounts on products and services. However, there are some services such as transit services that give seniors half off their fares. Some establishments may simply set a price for products or goods that is significantly lower than the regular price. And with him passed away one of the most vivid and striking personalities the world has ever seen.

The scale of the reaction to the promotion to glory of the Salvation Army co-founder is difficult to rationalize from a modern viewpoint.

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For many people the closest experience is perhaps the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in Her funeral procession went through London streets lined with more than a million people. This was as clear a message as any that the man who had begun his work among the outcasts of society had touched the hearts—and maybe stirred the consciences—of even the most privileged people.

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  5. Today, that number is and growing. We do not reflect morbidly on what has been lost but instead we celebrate the legacy and influence of a great man who, years ago, went to meet his maker and claim his eternal reward. Last year, more than , kids attended a summer or day camp with The Salvation Army, primarily at one of its 44 camps across the U. This is just one account of a life impacted at summer camp. Camp is about giving kids hope—a new perspective about who they are and what they can do in this world.

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    I made up an acronym to clarify my vision: Helping Obscured Potential Emerge. I know God loves you. He says he does, and God never lies. And so, do I. At the final chapel of the week, we told the kids they could come up and speak to God about becoming part of his family. This little girl was one of many who spent time talking to God and receiving Jesus in his or her heart. We asked the campers to tell someone right away about what they did, so I went outside to wait for them to share with me.

    From Caring, a publication of The Salvation Army that is dedicated to helping you do good right where you are. Tuck will manage the day to day operations of the divisional development department and support Salvation Army field units in building their resource development operations throughout Virginia and the National Capital area. Just prior to coming to D. Tuck has a strong background in nonprofit management as well as deep family ties to The Salvation Army with parents who served as officers in South Africa, England and Sri Lanka. His passion to help people and communities affected by poverty will be a driving force behind his work in this area.

    A devastating series of tornadoes that ripped through eastern Alabama on Sunday forged further east to discharge a measure of their fury throughout the South Georgia region. In Columbus, GA, just thirty miles east from the main devastation located in Lee County, AL, The Salvation Army partnered with local authorities to strategize how best to help those in Georgia impacted by the winter storm.

    On Monday afternoon, The Salvation Army of Columbus started cooking meals for first responders and residents impacted by the tornados either picking up the pieces of their homes or refuging at a Red Cross shelter in Talbotton, GA, where over sixty homes were damaged or completely destroyed.

    One hundred and forty miles to the south, in Cairo, GA, The Salvation Army of Thomasville, GA started cooking meals today for responders and impacted area residents that were gathered at a Red Cross shelter located in Grady County, where an EF2 tornado with winds of mph shook houses, toppled trees downed power lines. Canteens from Thomasville and Bainbridge, GA deliver meals to the shelter and to impacted residents for lunch and dinner.

    Lloyd says on Wednesday The Salvation Army plans to also start distribution of cleanup kits to help residents impacted by the storms.


    I was born and raised in a Muslim family in Roanoke, Virginia. We worshiped at the mosque, wore our head coverings, prayed five times a day, stayed away from pork, and practiced the religion in all its entirety. And yet, it was just that, religion. My father was in and out of prison most of my life, and my mother worked multiple jobs to keep us afloat.

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    Because of this, an unquenchable desire for relationship and love grew within me. My mom, excited for a babysitting service, allowed my sister and me to attend, and thus started my introduction to The Salvation Army. There, my desire for love and acceptance started to be fulfilled as officers and local leaders began to pour into me and teach me the gospel truth. I quickly became a Sunbeam, Junior Soldier, active in the music programs, and attended faithfully any program and event I could.

    My relationship with the Lord grew, and my desire to give Him all of Malaika grew with it. With every new officer, I felt the love and acceptance that I had so desperately craved from living in a single mother household.

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    Through all of this, my mother became aware of my conversion and relationship with Christ, but my father, still a practicing Muslim, was not in the know. One Sunday, my corps officer, Captain Tabitha Roberts, asked me if I had given any thought to officership. This idea was completely foreign to me, yet was so very close to who I was. My desire in life was to be loved, be known and have relationships, and here was an offer to bring about the very change I had so desperately craved as a young girl.

    I knew, in that moment, this was the calling God had placed on my life.

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    There were many obstacles to get to the point of Salvation Army officership — my father, my age, issues within my family. Yet with every obstacle, the God who called me was faithful and settled every problem. I attended Evangeline Booth College in at the age of 18 and was commissioned with the Friends of Christ session.

    Every day, I have the privilege to bring about holy change in the lives of those I encounter, the same change officers helped ignite in me as an 8-year-old Muslim girl from a single mother household. God has called me to be a Salvation Army officer and to reach those who are like that young 8-year-old girl.